About Me

I have been getting paid to do Java Enterprise development since 1999, starting from the Java 1.1 days and the earliest Enterprise specifications. Since then I’ve been involved in many different types and sizes of projects in many different roles, from developing a small internal system for employees by myself to being Lead Architect on a multi-million Euro budget international shopping site for a well known multinational company.

These days I’m a consultant, trainer and to my delight still doing active Java development at various companies in Germany.

I’m passionate about software development, about doing our job professionally and with integrity.

About this Blog

This blog is about changing perceptions. Software development in general and Java Enterprise development in particular can not seem to break out of outdated habits and practices. We still have big complex frameworks, big complex specifications, procedural, non object-oriented solutions all over the landscape. This is neither professional nor sustainable in the long run.

Part of the problem is that this profession (software development) is just not mature enough to have established standards, ways to gauge knowledge and experience. Apart from a few exceptions one person’s “opinion” is as good as anybody’s, and even developers with 10-15-20 years of experience can have wildly different views on any given subject.

This blog is part of the above discussion, trying to break old habits and trying to move our profession forward by explaining old and new concepts, clearing up misunderstandings, demonstrating alternative ways to think about problems and software development in general.

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