(Video, German) Object-Oriented Domain-Driven Design Talk

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB5B4Vmxq7A https://speakerdeck.com/robertbraeutigam/object-oriented-domain-driven-design


Why I never null-check parameters

Writing code to make sure that input parameters are not null does not make Java code "safer", exactly the opposite, it makes code less readable and less safe. Code with null-checks is less readable It would be difficult to argue that null-checks are attractive. Most of the time it's just boilerplate code which contributes nothing … Continue reading Why I never null-check parameters

Object-Oriented Solutions: Accounts and Currencies

This article is about a simplified version of real code running at a financial institution and how maintenance problems with this code can be avoided by using Object-Oriented Design. The purpose of the code is to represent retail money Accounts and enable transferring money, define recurring transfers and to support the usual functionality you find … Continue reading Object-Oriented Solutions: Accounts and Currencies

Evil Annotations

When Java 1.5 introduced Annotations, Enterprise Developers had high hopes that it would make their life developing EJBs and other Enterprise Artifacts much easier. See for example this contemporary article: Simplify enterprise Java development with EJB 3.0. Since then however, using Annotations the way Java Enterprise started to use them had some unforeseen consequences and … Continue reading Evil Annotations