Reevaluating the Layered Architecture

The Layered Architecture (3-tiered, n-tier or multitier architecture) is one of the most known and used concepts in Enterprise Development. It is the de-facto standard for building applications, so much so that it would be hard to find a single application in the enterprise software realm that does not conform to it. Many things changed … Continue reading Reevaluating the Layered Architecture


5 Signs That Your REST API Isn’t RESTful

(This article is a repost of an article previously published on DZone) There is no doubt that the term REST has undergone significant changes since its inception by Roy Fielding. There was some resistance to this change, most notably from Mr. Fielding in his Untangled Blog. However, all those participating in this resistance have had … Continue reading 5 Signs That Your REST API Isn’t RESTful