(Video, German) Object-Oriented Domain-Driven Design Talk

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB5B4Vmxq7A https://speakerdeck.com/robertbraeutigam/object-oriented-domain-driven-design


Why I never null-check parameters

Writing code to make sure that input parameters are not null does not make Java code "safer", exactly the opposite, it makes code less readable and less safe. Code with null-checks is less readable It would be difficult to argue that null-checks are attractive. Most of the time it's just boilerplate code which contributes nothing … Continue reading Why I never null-check parameters

5 Signs That Your REST API Isn’t RESTful

(This article is a repost of an article previously published on DZone) There is no doubt that the term REST has undergone significant changes since its inception by Roy Fielding. There was some resistance to this change, most notably from Mr. Fielding in his Untangled Blog. However, all those participating in this resistance have had … Continue reading 5 Signs That Your REST API Isn’t RESTful

The Clean Architecture from an Object-Oriented perspective

The Clean Architecture is a new-ish architecture pattern promoted by Robert C. Martin, better known as Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob's name is probably familiar to anyone who has done any software development in the last decades, from his books like Clean Code, to the SOLID principles, both used and referred to by developers all over … Continue reading The Clean Architecture from an Object-Oriented perspective